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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 4:12 pm 

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I was recently inspired to play Impossible Mission again. Now that I can save and load at will, I can finally beat this game. (I was never any good at games with a time limit where you lose time when you die)

Anyway, I mostly remembered how to play, but I downloaded the instructions from Project64 just to see if I was missing anything. The following note at the bottom caught my eye;

> you don't have to somersault over every hole in the floor. if a gap
is no wider than a lifting platform, try stepping across it. but don't
let up on the joystick until you get to the other side, or you'll

I've seen this done in the C64 long-play video of this game, but when I try it, 90% of the time, I just fall in the hole. I tried both CCS64 and WinVICE and get the same results on both. I'm using the Remember version from GB64.

I don't remember if I was able to do this on my real C64 or not, but there's one room in the game that can't be completed any other way. This one;


Flipping will land you on the platform with the terminal, a second flip will land you on the platform on the other side of the lift. There is no way to get to the lift except to run across the gap. For some reason, this seems to work slightly better when running from right to left than it does when running from left to right. Meaning, I usually only die about eight times in a row rather than nine. :?

Is running across gaps supposed to be so random? I use the save/load feature so that I don't lose the time, but if this is the way it works on a real C64, at -10 minutes per death, that one room could cost you an hour and a half of game time. I find it hard to believe that the designer would add a room that relies on pure luck to get through.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:36 pm 

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it's all about the starting position. if you are the right distance away you will run across fine. If you foot lands in the gap, you will fall. but if the first step lands just short of the gap, the second step will land on the other side. You can tell you are going to make it by how close your foot steps to the edge. if it doesn't look to be nearly off the edge, back up and try again.

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