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Cool Bard's Tale III trick
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Author:  Strahan [ Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Cool Bard's Tale III trick

For those of you playing BT3.. I found a nifty trick. Back when I was 15 or so (~20 years ago) playing the game on my C64 I found that if you go to the utilities menu (when the intro is playing I think you hit U) you can choose to transfer a character. Pick any of the Bard's Tales, then insert any disk (but not a BT disk). You'll get a bunch of characters with gibberish names. Select a few and transfer them to your BT3 char disk. Once in the game, add one real character and the rest those gibberish characters. You'll find they're insanely rich and alot of times have awesome stuff in their inventories. Do NOT take them with you into battle, they tend to go insane and attack you hehe. I one time found a usable gibberish character, but that was a very rare occurance. I tried it recently with the emulator and saw it works just the same as when I was a kid :)

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