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Mouse trap/hide
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Author:  FredMSloniker [ Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:14 am ]
Post subject:  Mouse trap/hide

I'm trying to play Advanced Space Battle in CCS64, and while for the most part it works fine, I'm having some mouse issues. Specifically, it wants the mouse in joyport 1, so any time I click (even if it's on, say, CCS64's own menus before I even load the game), the emulation reacts as if I pressed space. Furthermore, the Windows mouse isn't hidden, which is a touch disorienting. Would it be possible to add a feature that lets me toggle whether the mouse is caught by CCS64 and, if it is, hides the Windows mouse? VICE has this feature, and the main reason I'm considering switching to CCS64 in the first place is that VICE doesn't currently support writing to d64 files (only to internal images thereof that vanish when the program closes or the image is detached), so having an emulator that works 100% with ASB would be most appreciated!

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