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 Post subject: A Fancifull idea I know,
PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 12:40 am 

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These are just pie in the sky thoughtbox ideas and if anybody has any idea if any of it is it is at all possible I would love to hear from you for a serious disscussion, but here goes.

I have several ideas based around the possiblty of a web-based emulator, The reason i think about this possibility is that I have seen similar as NES emulators plugged into web-pages (facebook for example).

My dream C64 emulator is a bit of an odd fish, as it is ideally a simple web-page plugin (not sure what to code it in tbh) which could come in several forms. form 1 would be as a wrapper for a classic c64 game, you wouldn`t see the blue boot screen or anything, it could basically be preloaded and running it resembles an embedded Flash Object in a page.

Another form could be similar but have a large selection of games converted to c64 cartridge loading and basically when you click the relevant link it auto launches the web-emulator with that cartridge inserted.

Or as an advanced project how about a totally new c64 emulator which takes true advantage of the fact that we don`t need the hardware anymore, ( example the C64 exists as does the C128, but why not recode the ROMS a little so we could have a C512 with twice the resolution and true multi-colour HI_RES sprites ans stereo SID with enough memory to hold whole games resident instead of doing segment loads? , maybe it could run faster in it`s core if it wanted, rather than at good old 1Mhz. It would still have to be a C64 (and fully compatible) at heart just with a few new tricks.

Any thoughts?

PS as a thought for the CCS64 emulator there is one function I would like to see if at all possible, and thats auto-speed when loading. Is it all possible to either make it so that emulated disc accesses are almost instant, instead of grinding along in what feels like real-time with a real 1541?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:32 pm 
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About the 1541 disk speed, you can set the Maximum 1541 Speed option to ON. I think this option is in the Special... menu.

Kind regards,

Stuart Toomer.

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