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C1350 emulation
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Author:  Wilhelm the Wisp [ Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:00 am ]
Post subject:  C1350 emulation

CCS64 3.7 can use a PC mouse to emulate a C1351.
However, there is no option to emulate a C1350.

What is the difference?
The 1351 works like a regular PC mouse, but the 1350 emulates a C64 joystick.
So if you move a 1350 up, it sends the same signals as a joystick when you push the stick "up".
The 1351 does not use joystick-compatible signals (even though it's plugged into the joystick port).

What's the point of a mouse emulating a joystick?
Some games/applications only support joysticks, but actually work better with mice. Examples:
- GameMaker
- Koronis Rift
- Maniac Mansion

This article explains the differences between both mouse types:

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