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PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:54 pm 
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Ballblazer. If it is playing much slower than you remember it, then it is because you have the early version. Get a better version of the game. This game is originally for NTSC, but it was converted to PAL for Europe. So, if you are have trouble with the game, try changing your Video Standard.

Beyond The Forbidden Forest. You need to press a certain key to get out of practice mode and to get the monsters to show. It was either the [F1] key or the [SPACE BAR] key, to the best of my knowledge.

Bruce Lee. If your version crashes, then be sure to set the Video Standard to NTSC. If it still crashes, then set the Video Standard to the other NTSC. If it still crashes, then get a better version of the game.

Castle Wolfenstein. Assuming that you have a good version (i.e. without the protection), you need to run this game without any fast-loader.

Drelbs. The only two good versions are those done by Remember (REM) and Jedi. All other versions of the game are bugged, including the original.

Encounter. Set the Video Standard to PAL. Alternatively, get the version by Remember (REM), which fixes that particular game bug.

Gemstone Healer/Warrior. If you are using a C64S-specific version, then get a better version of the game. Also, be sure to use a G64 file as the data disk, for Gemstone Healer.

Hydrax. There is a ROM bug. Get a newer revision of the ROM.

Impossible Mission. If you are getting zapped from across the room, set your Video Standard to NTSC (this is a known game issue).

M.U.L.E. If you cannot see the mountains, then you need to adjust the Color Palette for Color 15 (Grey).

Mail Order Monsters. Ensure that there is only one 1541 disk drive used and that the 1541 Maximum Speed option (in the CCS64 emulator) is turned off.

Music Processor. There is a ROM bug. Get a newer revision of the ROM.

Pirates! You need especially patched disk images, in order for this game to work properly.

Q-Bert. Change the Memory Re-Set Pattern.

Racing Destruction Set (Eagle Soft Incorporated). This is a bad version of the game. If you find that the game crashes after loading from Side 2, it means that you needed to flip it back to Side 1 before. The game tells you when you need to flip it to Side 2, but it never tells you when to flip it back to Side 1. Get a proper version of the game instead.

Shamus. If you find yourself getting trapped when playing the Bond map, you have a bad version. Get a better version of the game.

Standing Stones. If the game crashes after showing the yellow screen, you have a 1541 ROM compatibility problem. Get a newer revision of the 1541 ROM.

Trolls And Tribulations. If you keep dieing at the start of a level, then you have a bad version. Get a better version of the game.


VOrpal (Protection). Some games that use VOrpal protection will fast-copy fine on a real C64 with Fast Hack 'Em. Such games may need to be converted in to G64 format, in order for them to work properly on a C64 emulator.

Zip-Code (Compression). The D64 version will not work. You need to get the original Zip-Code archive and extract it in to a G64 image. The problem is the Disk-ID issue. The D64 format cannot store the ID-codes that the Zip-Code disk needs, even though it is fully un-protected and will fast-copy on a real C64.


1541 ROM Compatibility. Some software does not work properly with certain revisions of the 1541 ROM. Such software incompatibilities are not C64 emulator bugs, since they would also occur with the real C64 hardware/software, but are probably due to the less bullet-proof coding of the software in question.

C64S-Specific Coding. Some software, some games in particular, have been especially coded/hacked, in order to work only with the C64S emulator (an early C64 emulator that is no longer maintained). A different version of such software should be sought, for use with a different C64 emulator, other than with C64S.

Disk IDs. In the D64 format, disk ID-codes are not stored properly, which causes various problems. G64 format files are preferred for such reasons. (Note that some games, in particular RPGs, require specifically patched disk images.)

Kernel ROM Bugs. Certain revisions of the C64 Kernel ROM have certain software bugs, which are normally fixed in later versions. Unless a particular piece of software that you want to run requires a particular revision of the C64 Kernel ROM, it is advisable to use the most up-to-date revision of the C64 Kernel ROM.

Not Recognising Next Disk Bugs. This is due to either a bad version or the Disk-ID issue (i.e. the fact that the D64 format does not store the ID-codes properly), about 90% of the time; C64S-specific coding, about 5% of the time; and a genuine C64 emulator bug, less than the other 5% of the time. If the software works on a real C64, then six-pack it, send the six-packed version over with Star Commander, and extract it to a G64 image under emulation. This normally resolves the matter.

PAL/NTSC-Specific Compatibility. There are various issues surrounding video compatibility in specific software, some games in particular. (Music playing at half-speed or too fast can be solved by setting the Video Standard to PAL. Music playing too slow can be solved by setting the Video Standard to NTSC.)

Will Not Fast-Load. Some software, some games in particular, will not load or will crash, if a fast-loader is used, in order to load them. In such cases, normal loading should be used, i.e. the fast-loader should not be used, in order to load such software. [Conversely, some games rely upon emulator-specific fast-loaders (e.g. the default CCS64 fast-loader), in order to work properly.]

Main Contributor : Zaphod.
Document Version : 13 May 2005 (Issue 2).

Kind regards,

Stuart Toomer.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:13 pm 

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More info i've gathered.

Pharaoh's Curse: this game will not run on r1 kernel, or the sx 64 kernel. If you have difficulty running this game, use the standard R3 c64 kernel. This is not due to bugs, but due to the game making invalid assumptions about the kernel. If it is not working on your real c64 or sx64, freeze it under emulation, and transfer back to get a working copy. :)

Realm of Impossibility: This game has ingame protections, as well as buggy code. The Remember version of this game is the most bug-free, but even it will crash if you collect too many scrolls without using them (you use the no losing scrolls trainer). If you have an original, and it works fine on your c64, use a freezer cart such as ISEPIC to back it up.

Dual drive disc copiers: these simply do not function under emulation, as near as I can tell. this is an emulation bug. Fast hackem's dual drive copiers are a good test case.

Vorpal protection/fastload: there are two versions of it. The early version, after a parameter has been applied to the disc, will fastcopy with dual drive copiers on real hardware, and may then be transferred using zipcode sixpack. The later version is much more difficult to image.

Questron: this game requires .g64, because of the sector ID problem. There is no proper crack YET. Get the original from gamebase. The game DOES have protection, and parts will crash if it fails.

The Eidolon: the early version used a softer waveform for the music, while the released version uses a square wave, and sounds more like the atari original. If it doesn't sound like you remember it, get a different crack. Oh, you must collect every gem on every level. if you do not, or die on a level that you came into with a gem, the game becomes unwinnable, because the latter dragons require gems from previous levels. I would consider this a BUG.

Koronis Rift: Every crack i've seen is of the PAL version. The NTSC version loads the main program with vorpal, then uses an irq loader to load the levels, so the music doesn't stop. If you own the NTSC game, sixpack it, then apply the parameter after transferring it to .g64.

Puzzle Panic: it seems some cracks of the game are not 100%. If you randomly die, that's your problem. Freezer carts such as ISEPIC will image the game properly. Additionally, it will make the game easier, because it will use the same door codes each time you run it.

Karateka: Get remembers version. Alternatively, image it from original to .g64 and use fast hackem or di-sector to dupe the protection. Most cracks are bad.

Demon Stalkers: The version you probably have that doesn't work was c64s-hacked. If sixpacked from original to a .g64, the pirateslayer protection can be duped with the demon stalkers parameter. It works then.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:43 pm 
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Thank you very much for the additional information. I have updated my reference document. Cheers once again, Zaphod.

Kind regards,

Stuart Toomer.

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