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So Long And Thanks For All The Fish...
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Author:  Stuart Toomer [ Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  So Long And Thanks For All The Fish...


Due to me having suffered a massive data loss in June/July 2016, in which I lost all of my life's collected data/information (from the past 30 years) and my lap-top computer also becoming un-bootable/un-useable, I have had to cease my Commodore 64/CCS64 and QuickBASIC/QBASIC activities/hobbies entirely; I now have my Piano as my only hobby in life, nothing computer-related at all, as I cannot recover any of the digital data/information that I have lost. I hope that I have helped the on-line Commodore 64/CCS64 communities, over the years, especially with driving-forward CCS64 development/improvement.

Therefore, any matters/questions relating to CCS64 will have to be taken-up with Per Hakan Sundell himself via e-mail, from now onwards, as I can no longer assist with these matters/questions. I have already informed Per Hakan Sundell himself, so he has taken-over the administration of the CCS64 WWWBoard from me.

I wish everybody continued enjoyment with CCS64 and the best of luck for their futures. I have found a lot of personal pleasure in using CCS64 and with assisting others with CCS64 as well, over the years. Alas, for me, my days of Commodore 64 and CCS64 are now over, not through my own choice.

Kind regards and with best wishes,

Stuart John Toomer.

Author:  renepela [ Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: So Long And Thanks For All The Fish...

Thanks for everything Stuart!

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