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 Post subject: No Sound
PostPosted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 7:38 am 

Joined: Sat Nov 25, 2006 7:23 am
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I have searched this forum high and low, but I have been unsuccessful at finding someone with this problem.

I have absolutely no sound at all with CCS v3.1. Previous versions have always worked absolutely fine (although it is a pain to use them because they don't support 1440x900 - my LCD's native resolution).

I know. "Your drivers are out-of-date. You don't have DirectX 9. You need to go into the sound options and select one of the audio devices."

So to prevent unnecessary posts like that, I'll tell you: I have both a Sound Blaster Audigy and an E-MU 0404 audio card, and both of them have the most recent drivers. I have DirectX 9c. And, since I have been a long time user of CCS64 I know all about how to select the proper audio device as well as sample rate and bit depth.

But alas... no sound.

P.S. I noticed this problem on v3.0 beta but I figured, "Hey. It's beta." Please tell me I don't have to use another version and suffer the exaggerated, stretched aspect ratio and blurry scan-lines.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:17 am 

Joined: Sat Nov 25, 2006 7:23 am
Posts: 2
After almost a year, I figured I'd check this post on a lark. Since then, some of my hardware has changed but I still suffer no sound with the latest version. Perhaps it would be best to list every detail I can imagine; hopefully when I check back next year I'll find the answer. :wink:

Motherboard - GigaByte GA-M55plus-S3G (Rev. 2.0)
Processor - AMD Athlon64 x2 Dual-Core 6000+ (3.0 GHz)
Audio - E-MU 0404 and PreSonus FirePod (FP10 FireWire Interface)

Microsoft Windows Media Center
DirectX ver. 9.0c
CCS64 ver. 3.2

Hardware Issues:
None are suspected. I built this machine as an audio workstation, and have absolutely no device conflicts. While both audio devices have intensive software drivers (requiring the use of a proprietary GUI front-end instead of the standard Windows volume control panel), the drivers are updated and WDM works fine for all applications I use. Even with the current configuration, previous versions of CCS64 (2.x and prior) have no issues, and sound works perfectly.

Software Issues:
If there is a problem, it lies here. CCS64 detects both audio interfaces and has no trouble using either one. Other than having no sound, you wouldn't know there was any hassle at all. I have tried both interfaces at all available sample rates (all of which are supported by the audio devices) and I don't even get a pop.

I'm positive that there had to have been a change between CCS64 versions in how the audio is handled (I'm not sure if it was necessary for HardSID implementation or what). I have to say, I found it odd that my old SoundBlaster Audigy had the same problem (considering it is a fairly popular soundcard), but it might be worth mentioning that the E-MU 0404 has very similar architecture to the Audigy, albeit with much cleaner pre-amps and lack of Dolby Digital support.

It's just a strange problem to have, and it would be nice to use the newer version so I can utilize true 1440x900 resolution (the native resolution of my monitor) because anything else strains my eyes with this emulator. I'd love to see what ideas arise from this post.

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