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World Class Leaderboard
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Author:  ericlered [ Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  World Class Leaderboard

Hello everyone,

I have been playing World Class Leaderboard and I still love it 30 years on, good memories!

I have figured out how to everything loading wise and control wise apart from ONE thing...

In the original you could opt to play a punch shot, keeping the ball low to hit it under trees, chipping onto greens etc.

In order to do this you pressed the P button before playing the shot and the letter P would appear next to your chosen club in the shot panel.

However try as I might I cannot get this to work on the ccs64 emulator, if anyone could help that would be great.

Ps. I have found an easyflash collection of all the leaderboard games, but am I right in assuming ccs64 cannot load these games / cartridge files?

Many thanks, Paul G

Author:  Stuart Toomer [ Sun May 15, 2016 8:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: World Class Leaderboard

All I can suggest is to check your Input settings. Beyond that, let us know if you are using some sort of special key-board. The character 'p' is not normally mapped to something else (e.g. a joy-stick action) in the Input settings. Since 'P' is <LEFT SHIFT> + <p>, check to make sure that <LEFT SHIFT> is not mapped to something else, if it is 'P' you're talking about, rather than 'p'.

At the moment, CCS64 does not work with EasyFlash cartridges. This is on the current CCS64 Bug-List/Wish-List; so Hakan is aware of this request.

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