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Autohotkey and Gmote/PRemoteDroid can't talk to CCS64
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Author:  gwapenut [ Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  Autohotkey and Gmote/PRemoteDroid can't talk to CCS64

I'm trying to use my android phone keyboard to control CCS64 in a cabinet with no easily accesible keyboard.

The android phone talks OK to the PC and can type text into Notepad. But it cannot type it into the CCS64 screen.

Nor can autohotkey - if I create a simple script to remap "a" to "r", by
Sendkey, {a Down}
Sleep, 100
Sendkey, {a Up}

(or even just Sendkey, {a})

then again a is translated into r in a Notepad, but not in CCS64. I figure if I can crack getting autohotkey to talk to CCS64, then I can eventually get my phone to control it.

So ... any ideas why CCS64 doesn't listen to "virtual" keyboards? This can also be demonstrated by trying to use the XP Onscreen keyboard to type into CCS64 - it doesn't work.


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