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Author:  stickman [ Thu Apr 22, 2004 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  .tap & .t64

hey fellas,

cant seem to open .tap or .t64 files. is that normal?

ive only had success with .d64 files so far.

im using version 3 beta 1.3...

help & thanks.

Author:  nicknicknickandnick [ Thu May 13, 2004 5:18 am ]
Post subject: 

You should be able to use such files. Here is a summary for using the files by way of the menu system:

You can activate games in d64 or t64 files with this procedure: press the F10 key to get the menu, choose the highlighted words "1541 Device 8" by pressing the Enter or right arrow key, locate and highlight a game file using the arrow keys, press the F1 key to "Examine" the file's contents, use the down arrow key to highlight a program in the list, and press F1 to run that program.

To activate a tap file, press F10, highlight the words Tape Device 1 and press Enter, locate and highlight the tap file, press F1, and wait.

To activate a crt file, press F10, highlight Cartridge... and press Enter to get the cartridge menu, press F1 to choose the highlighted Insert..., locate and highlight the crt file, and press F1.

To activate prg, p00, or similar files, press F10, highlight "1541 Device 8" and press Enter, locate and highlight a game file, and press F1.

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