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Two questions: Tape controls and Window
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Author:  resle [ Mon May 30, 2011 11:06 am ]
Post subject:  Two questions: Tape controls and Window

I am almost done turning a notebook into a... portable c64 of some sort ;) I began with DOS and CCS2 (thanks a lot again, Stuart, for pointing me to the long lost download) and ended up with a hand-trimmed version of XP (super fast booting, no boot logo, no desktop, no taskbar) on top of which I run CCS 3.8. (by the way this is the laptop, lots of plastic, 12 inches, a very very oldschool look, it fits the C64 perfectly, I just have to find a sticker to put on the top lid :) )

Oh, let me go to the point:
there are two things I am trying to accomplish to "polish" the whole thing

1) Being able to hide the main window - or move it offscreen, whatever, so that I don't see it appearing for a couple seconds before the emulator goes to fullscreen

2) Finding a way to map tape controls ("stop", mostly) to some fast key combo
2.1) Hmm... being able to go to a given PRG inside a TAP would be nice too, but I think this isn't a feature of CCS at all, am I right?



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