CCS64 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
FAQs and their answers



Where do I connect my real 1541 drive for use with CCS64?

You don't. CCS64 doesn't support connection of any original hardware compatible with C64. Instead the 1541 disk drive is also emulated in software, and behaves as alike the real thing as it is possible. The original 5 1/4" disks is replaces by ordinary PC files, disk images. To transfer your disks to disk images use one of the existing programs available, together with an special cable for the connection. The best program for PC is called "Star Commander", and is available at the Internet.


When will CCS64 support connection to a real 1541 drive?

Probably never as there exists very good tools for transferring the data on 1541 disks to system independent file formats (like .D64). As I see it the main benefit of using a real 1541 disk drive connected to the emulator would be to use copy-protected software that uses fast-loaders and/or special formatting that the transferring tools can not handle. But as I am pretty shure that it is theoretically impossible to get the connection 100% compatible so that it will support all kind of fast-loaders, I think it is not worth to implement a half support. The support that should be possible is the 1541 normal loading protocol and perhaps some special selected fast-loaders.

To understand the problem you have to consider that the 1541 is not just an ordinary device with a specified communication protocol. In fact it is a complete computer of its own and can therefore be re-programmed to send signals in any way and in any speed wanted, and mostly with very little or none handshaking control (controlling that the data actually has been recognized by the C64). A fast-loader normally works in that way that it first sends over a special program to the 1541 and then starts the execution of this program (inside the 1541!). This program has full control of all the hardware that is inside the 1541 and executes on an CPU clocked on 1.0 MHz. On the C64 is also a program executing, that is running fully in parallel with the other program and is synchronized down to the level of some CPU cycles (appr. 1/1000000 seconds) .

So the problem is mainly because of the synchronization problem of down to 1/1000000 seconds. That kind of synchronization is not supported by any operating system on PC, and neither does the PC's hardware allow that accuracy - for instance the SoundBlaster hardware interrupts the main processing about 50 times per seconds for quite long period when it is moving data from the RAM and reinitializes the looping. To be able to emulate the connection fully you must have a real-time OS and a real-time computer system, where you can be guaranteed not get your program execution to be interrupted by more than 1/1000000 seconds. And in a normal PC, your programs are normally interrupted by a lot of things that takes a lot more time than that, like harddisk access, keyboard, mouse, scsi, eide, usb, networks etceteras. For example in Windows 3.1 you can be guaranteed a response time of 1/18 seconds - and in that time the program that is inside the 1541 has crashed for a long time ago, blink blink!


Why can't I use my original 1541 disks in my PC 5 1/4" diskdrive (B:)?

It is technically impossible to read a 1541 disk in a PC diskdrive. The reason is that PC and 1541 uses completely different systems for magnetic recording, MFM versus GCR. Note also that the original 1541 is much more than just a disk drive, in fact it is a complete computer, with its own CPU and RAM/ROM. The PC's diskdrive is just mechanics with simple read/write electronics, with no intelligence of its own.


Why don't I get any sound with CCS64?

You should ensure that you have the latest drivers for your soundcard installed, and that they are compatible with DirectX. Also ensure that you have the latest version of DirectX installed. Your soundcard may also have different modes of DirectSound interface, of which only some work with CCS64. Enter the Sound-menu in CCS64 and try to change the Sound Device settings, hopefully some other setting will work.


Why doesn't my joystick work with CCS64?

Many new advanced joysticks are only designed for use with Windows and DirectX with special drivers.

Also ensure that you have calibrated the joysticks correctly in the emulator. In CCS64 V2.0 there is a special sub-menu for this purpose.


Why don't I get any graphics display with CCS64 for Win32/DirectX (DirectDraw-Init Error)?

CCS64 for DirectX uses a double-buffering system for the video display, to minimize possible flicker. This can consume quite a lot of video memory, perhaps your video-card has too little. Different video-modes requires different amount of videomemory, so try with different settings. Also ensure that you have the latest DirectX version and the latest version of drivers for your video-card.


Why doesn't games (scrollers in particular) run smoothly on my computer - even if I have selected a lower screenmode and have a powerful CPU?

The reason is that the PAL C64 is making frames with 50.12 Hz (985248/63/312) and the screenmode you are using is probably not exactly 50.12 Hz but rather perhaps 50.00 Hz. That means that after about 8 seconds (1/0.12) it will be produced one more frame than have been showed, and that frame will never be displayed. And because of the missed frame the scroller will make a visible jump.

If your displays refresh rate is faster than 50.12 Hz, perhaps 70.00 Hz, this means that several frames will be displayed twice but others are displayed only once.


What should I do when the game asks me to "Insert Disk 2"?

Well, you should insert disk 2 into your virtual 1541 diskdrive. When you started the game you probably "inserted" disk number 1, so the answer lies in the same menu, where it is probably called "select". In version 1.09 the disk image (probably with .D64 extension) is selected as soon as you look at its contents.

Sometimes you could have this message repeating - even if you have selected the correct disk image in CCS64. This is most probably because the normal kind of format for disk images, .D64, doesn't contain all information that is on a real 1541 disk. There are quite many programs for C64 that check for this information to detect whether the correct disk in inserted or not. In this case search the Internet for a better disk image, that either contains the missing information, or where the program check functions are fixed.

It could also be the case that you have to little knowledge of the C64 and its equipment to do a correct decision. In this case there are a lot of literature available at the Internet, search for "Project 64".


I have successfully started a game, but all I get is a blank or static screen?

As the virtual 1541 disk drive is emulated to be as alike as a real 1541 disk, it is also as slow or fast as the real thing. On many games it takes several minutes on a real C64 with a 1541 diskdrive before the game is fully loaded.

In Version 3.0 of CCS64, there are several possibilities to speed up the loading procedures. One is to use a fastload ROM-set or cartridge, as you would on a real C64. There is also a emulator fastload functionality that will trap normal loading demands from games which uses the C64 Kernal $FFD5 vector, and then will load the file into virtual in RAM in no-time.


I have successfully installed CCS64, but how do one use a C64?

You should really start reading the user manuals and other useful papers for C64. There are a lot of literature available at the Internet, search for "Project 64".


Where do I get game ROMs for use with CCS64?

You don't. ROM stands for Read Only Memory and is normally the basic part of a computers operating system (BIOS). The ROM is an integrated electronic circuit and is located on the computers motherboard, and on expansion cartridges. Games for C64 were most often distributed as 5 1/4" disks or on tapes, as most C64 systems were connected to a 1541 diskdrive or a C2N cassette recorder.

In CCS64 are instead disk images and tape images used, as the original media can not be used directly. They are available at the Internet in very large quantities, a good starter is .

You should really start reading the user manuals and other useful papers for C64. There are a lot of literature available at the Internet, search for "Project 64".


Why doesn't this particular game work on CCS64?

Even though I aim to get CCS64 to be perfect, there may be some programs that doesn't work correctly. The first thing you should try is to see if you could change some of the parameters like disabling the REU or 1541, different reset memory patterns, system modes etceteras. If you have tried all possible combinations and it still doesn't work, then perhaps try with some other emulator, and most importantly - if possible - try the program with a real C64. There are actually a lot of damaged disk and tape images spreading around, that were damaged during the conversion from the c64 media or perhaps lost some information that were on the original C64 media (like copy protection).


When will you implement this particular feature and release the next version of CCS64?

I actually do not know, but you can count on that I will do it as fast as possible. This is a one-man project, I am the single author of CCS64 and I try to program everything myself from bottom and up. The project is done solely on my free-time as I have a ordinary work on day-time.